What are we doing?

English Conversation Club at my house
  1. Blessing Community Ministries
    1. English Conversation Club at “Yuji’s house
    2. English Conversation Club for kids in our Neighborhood at “Yuji’s house
    3. International Fellowship Club at a restaurant “in a big shopping mall
  2. Bridge Ministries
    1. English Conversation Club at “Tokyo Station” for returnees from Canada
  3. Pastoring & Preaching Ministries
    1. Alive International congregation
      1. Guiding small group, pastoring, translating, preaching in English
    2. Honda & Toke Japanese congregation
      1. Evangelizing (through English Conversation “classes” in a community center)
      2. Guiding small group, pastoring, preaching in Japanese
  4. Education Ministries
    1. Covenant Community School International
Sports Day 2019 of Covenant Community School International (Sept.28, 2019)
Shopping Mall Ministry: Creating International Fellowship at a restaurant in the mall
Yuji Preaches in English for Alive International Congregation