Month: April 2020

Our Christian International school, Covenant Community School International, has decided to resume by way of online Zoom from this month. So, Eri just began to teach her CCSI students from Home and our three children also take online classes at home. You can see Eri’s classroom and her office at our house. She decorated her […]
After one and a half months pause due to Coronavirus crisis, my English Conversation Club for my neighbors finally resumed by way of ZOOM last week Saturday! I am thankful for this technology God has given to me. But a sad thing was that some of the members could not join me. While four members […]
Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, I have not been able to meet my AI (Alive international) brothers in person at a local restaurant for our small group. We usually met there every Thursday morning before the pandemic. However, God has given us a new tool that enable us to meet. It is through ZOOM, an online conferencing […]