Month: May 2019

9 people out of 30 members of Toke Japanese congregation gathered together to pray to God. Most of them were ladies who are members of this congregation. We studied the Word of God -it was from 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 about Love, and I taught them about that-  I believe that God heard of our prayer […]
Yesterday, we had a farewell party for him at Covenant Community School International (CCSI) where Eri works and our kids go to. Joel, 19-year-old American boy, came to Japan in this January from USA as short-term missionary for the school and spent 5 months with our CCSI kids. We are always blessed to have young […]
Edward Yang joined my English Conversation Club today. Edward and I met in Lethbridge when I was on staff of EFree. He came to my place from South Korea yesterday and helped me out for the club today. My five neighbors were REALLY excited to have Edward and tried to speak English to him. I believe that my neighbors […]
Marco, John, and Shintaro joined my soccer club for Covenant Community School Internationals yesterday. I have been involved in the students of CCSI by having my soccer club for 6 months. Since CCSI is a tiny Christian International school, i.e. 60 students from G1 to 12, there is basically no sports activities/clubs in the school. […]
I had a come and go BBQ fundraising party at the Trinh’s house on April 14, Sunday. Fred and Rebecca helped me out to have it. 40-50 people came and joined it! Thank you so much for joining! Thank you so much, kids! for having me lying on your knees!