I am Yuji Iwata.

I have a strong passion to work for both Internationals and Japanese living in the Tokyo-Chiba area for God’s glory by creating communities of God. Here is some information about mine:

  1. I studied at a Canadian seminary, Tyndale Seminary in Toronto, and at a Japanese seminary, Japan Bible Seminary in Tokyo.
  2. I worked as a pastor at a Japanese church in Nagoya, Japan, and worked as a church staff of Evangelical Free Church of Lethbridge for Internationals in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
  3. I am a missionary in Japan from Canada although I was from Japan to Canada many years ago.
  4. I am married to Eri, a wonderful lady working as a part-time teacher at a Christian International school called Covenant Community School International (CCSI) and at a grocery store.
  5. Eri and I have three kids: Shintaro (G12), Mizuki (G11), Aki (G9) at CCSI where Eri works.
  6. Our three kids are totally “Third Culture Kids”: their preferred language is English, while Eri’s and mine are Japanese, so we are a multicultural family.
  7. We live in Chiba, Japan, which is located one away from Tokyo station by train. Chiba is in the Great Tokyo Aare.