Our tiny Christian international school, Covenant Community School International (CCSI) run by my team, celebrated seven students as our graduates two days ago. It was quite wonderful ceremony for everybody there. One of the reasons why it was wonderful was their uniqueness in many ways: each one of graduates had a different nationality from each other: Two Caucasian American, one Korean American, one Taiwanese, one Filipino, one Filipino American, and one Japanese. Five Missionary kids out of them. All of them are totally Bilingual or even trilingual for some of them. All of them are completely third culture kids. Their parents prayed in their first language during the ceremony: Japanese, English, Filipino, Korean, and Taiwanese. Now it is time for them to go to the world where God is sovereign!: some to America, some to Taiwan, some to somewhere in Japan…I was blessed to be there! What a ceremony it was! I cannot wait for Shintaro, our first child, who is graduating from this wonderful school in two years!

Seven graduates 2019 of CCSI



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