A shopping mall ministry just began!

What an exciting first day for our new ministry at a big shopping mall called Unimo!

This Sunday morning, Eri and I went to Unimo located near our house for our new ministry. We found a good Hawaiian café as our ministry place. Then we prayed together and talked about our new ministry “in English.” We “intentionally” used our English, because we wanted to show off what we were doing before people around us there. We hope we create an international fellowship group for those who want to speak English and want to make friends through it. Maybe we can call the group “International’s Breakfast on Sunday.” This will be a missional community if God guides us to be successful. So, we need some Christians who can work with us for this ministry and also need to invite non-Christians. A morning breakfast cost only 400 yen including tax  (5 Canadian dollars). NO Tip in Japan! It is a good price, isn’t it?

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