Fellowship Time for AI Zoom small group leaders!

COVID-19 brought a lot of losses to our Alive International congregation, but it also brought us some blessings by God’s grace.

One of the blessings for AI was the start of small groups over Zoom. Before the COVID-19 hit us, we had only a couple of small groups in AI; however, we now have “10” small groups over Zoom. Soon after the outbreak occurred, we Al leadership Team encouraged the congregation to join one of the small groups, so that we expected them to pray together and share the Gospel together in the midst of this pandemic situation. Then, it worked well! Yuji is the point person for this small group ministry.

3 days ago, we had the first ever zoom fellowship for the leaders of the small groups. 10 leaders gathered together to share update on his/her group with one another and to pray for each other. We thanked God to produce these small groups and these hosts for the growth of AI! Since AI is an international church or an bilingual congregation, we needed to create both English-speaking small groups and Japanese-speaking small groups. Please see the picture below!

I (YUJI) hope to see each one of these groups grows as “Christ-Centered groups,” so that people in the groups could grow and some could believe in Jesus.

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