On 14th May, seven members from my team, the Chiba AO Team, visited Kaneda in Kisarazu City together as a scouting trip. This trip was the third time for our team to come here together. We visited a couple of places: A brand new Costco, the biggest shopping Mall in Japan, and a brand new community center. The area of Kandeda -sounds like Canada:)-is growing right now. The City of Kisarazu has planned to invite 20,000 people to live in this growing area. As of today, about 6,000 people recently moved here to build new houses for their permanent place. It will continue to grow because of the location: near the Tokyo Aqua-Line (the highway that connects Kisarazu to Tokyo urban cities), the headquarter of Costco Japan will be built this summer, and Outlet Mall Kisarazu, the biggest outlet mall in Japan. We walked and prayed and talked to local people together. It was a good scouting trip. I am still unsure if this area is the promised land for us to plant an international church, but it is a strong candidate.

MTW Japan AO Team. This time, seven of us together visited Kisarazu
Kaneda, called Kazusa Aqua City, is located along with the Tokyo Bay
Outlet Mall Kisarazu, the biggest outlet mall in Japan
A brand new Costco Kisaarazu was built three years ago.



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