I was thankful for a mission trip team from Grace Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina. They sacrificed their time and money to come to Japan and help us. One of the things they helped us with was Bridge International Café on July 22. On that day, we welcomed thirteen local people at the Café. The mission trip team was involved in the participants’ lives by welcoming and spending time with them. For most team members, it was their first time coming to Japan. In other words, they could not understand and speak Japanese at all. However, their passion was strong enough to spend time with our locals. I hope more people come to Japan and join our ministries in Kaneda, Kisarazu City, to advance the Gospel of Jesus. Probably, some want to come on a short-term mission trip. Some may want to come as tent-making missionaries. Some may want to come as fully supported missionaries. Please pray for us and our new church planting efforts there.



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