World English Conversation Club for kids (WECC) just began!

Yesterday, Four elementary school kids in our neighborhood joined our WECC at my house!  

Eri, Mizuki, and I just began to have “World English Conversation Club for kids(WECC) in our neighborhood yesterday. God sent four children to our house. They knew WECC through the tract Eri made.

This is a new ministry through my house, i.e. an informal place, as well as “Yuji English Conversation Club” for adults (Yuji ECC) on Saturdays at my house -10 neighbors of mine join it now-. We are supposed to have this club every Thursday evening. Mizuki is the main teacher and I am an assistant of hers. I believe kids can enjoy with Mizuki’s “native English” not with my “Japanese English!”

There is a time for kids to know about “the world” during the club. We want the kids to know about not only English but also the world God created and the Bible, the bestseller in the world.  

So I was wondering if some of you could make a 3-minute-video about your country, your parents’ country, or countries you have lived in /visited! Then please send it to us through email or Messenger! You can talk about one country that you are related to for three minutes. I will translate your English for the kids. So, kids will know about countries in the world! 

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