Thank you, Brian!

Thank you so much, Brian!

We are thankful for Brian and “his 3-minute-video” about Canada, Alberta, and Lethbridge. We had five children watch Brian’s video through my laptop. I translated. While the children were watching the video, they said, “Yuji, Brian is a friend of yours?” “Really???”….They seemed to think of Brian as a “TV star” or something, because they were watching him through the screen and Brian was talking to them through it. It was a wonderful moment to have my friend in Canada be involved in my ministry in Japan!

Please pray for this new small ministry and for five children and for their parents who bring them to our house.

We are looking for some volunteers who can make a 3-minute-video. If you have an interest in getting involved in this ministry by making the video, please let us know. You can talk about any countries where you were born, you were raised, you have been to, or your parents are from!

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