Looking for a place for our church Planting as an AI daughter church

“JEF United Chiba finally won!” said a supporter of the team sitting in front of me.

Tonight, I watch a professional soccer game with Tom, my friend, and my MTW Japan Chiba teammate. In the City of Chiba, my city, there is a professional soccer team called JEF United Chiba. This team is in the second category of the Japan Football League (J2) this year. JEF is not a strong team, so it is now placed in 10th place in the second league. Though JEF continued to lose SIX games in a row, they finally won the game tonight. I remember this team used to be one of the strongest teams in the top league (J1) when Pierre Littbarski, a world-well-known German player, played for the team. There were only several hundreds of supporters in the stadium though there were 18,500 seats there. Because JEF is a weak team? Maybe so.

Tom and I have been looking for a place to plant an international church somewhere in the City of Chiba as an Alive International daughter church. Perhaps, this place near the stadium may be the one for us to plant it. Then, Tom and I dreamed that it would be awesome if we could rent this stadium to have Sunday services in the future for God’s people in this city!

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