Church planting in Soga(?)

I currently visit Soga weekly located 25 min. away by car from our chapel for Alive International to get to know people there and the town. My new team, the Chiba AO team, with partnering with Alive International, plans to plant the Alive International daughter church shortly. So, Soga is one of the candidates for that.

The other day, Eri and I visited Soga again to visit a basketball free court. There were some boys playing. Every time I visit here, some boys play basketball. We may be able to send out our AI teens here to play with these boys as a strategy for the outreach.

Soga is obviously a soccer town. People play soccer because this community has a professional soccer team called JEF United Chiba. There is a big soccer stadium called the Fukuda Denshi Arena. Soga Station partners with JEF United, so we can see many pictures of the players in the station.

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