City to City Pacific Asia Intensive church planting course

Today was the last day of the City to City Pacific Asia Two-week Intensive church planting course. And by God’s grace, I could complete the course! These two weeks, I was always in my room participating in the course over Zoom. I was tired but was very encouraged to learn about church planting.

16 church planters and over 10 coaches joined it from several countries (Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, America, Malaysia). 50 to 60 observers joined it from all over the world. I knew that each church planter had his/her own context, own place, and own target people group, but we learned together for the same purpose: For the advancement of God’s kingdom through the Good News of Jesus Christ.

I loved to hear the story of each church planter and loved to discuss and share in a small group setting. That made me realized that God is working right now all over the world through church planting. I knew that I am not alone but am a part of this worldwide church-planting movement!


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