Church Planting with the Chiba AO Team

I have been praying for our international church planting with my team for over one year. I continue to talk about it with the team. We have three candidate places: Soga in Chiba City, Kisarazu City, and Narita City. All these three cities are located in Chiba Prefecture.

The other day in April, Eri and I visited Narita for the church planting research. Narita is a unique city with two faces: (1) an international city where Tokyo Narita Airport is and where many internationals live, (2) an traditional, historical city where Mt. Narita and Shinshoji, a big Buddhist temple is. We learned that Shinshoji had over a thousand-year history. Since the temple was located near the Narita Airport, some internationals from the airport visited. Also, we visited Kozunomori New Twon in Narita. It is a growing area in Narita, where a new university campus, a brand new train station, and some brand new, tall residential buildings. I would love to continue to visit Narita to see if it is a good place to plant a church!

Kozunomori, Narita


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