Please pray for our international church planting as Alive International’s daughter church in Soga in the City of Chiba!

I visit there once a week to walk prayerfully, speak to local people, and distribute my English Conversation Club. I desire that I hope we, as Alive International, can create a couple of small communities, including my ECC, to plant an international church there. I have already distributed around 5,000 copies of the tracts for my ECC, but none has not reached out to me yet. My team, MTW Japan Chiba AO, has also been involved in this church planting partnership with Alive International. So, I want to see some of my teammates who are native English speakers start their English ministries.

Soga is a part of the Chiba center, and many people do not know Jesus. The population of Chiba City is about 1 million, but the number of the church is around 50. The average church size is 30-40 people there. That means only 3,000 people are believers out of 1 million! It is 0.3 %.

Please pray for our church planting effort. Would you please pray for those who do not know Jesus in Soga? Would you please pray for our Alive International Congregation to grow in many ways so that we together reach out to the people in Soga?

Soga Station



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