Natalie, a new member, joined Yuji’s ECC for young adults!

It has been three months since this new club for young adults began.

Natalie, an international student here in Japan from Hong Kong, joined Yuji’s ECC on 10/17 for the first time. She is a seeker and sometimes joins our Alive International services. She is so unique in many ways. She was born in Hong Kong but moved to Shanghai in China at seven and grew up there. Then she moved to Japan to study her major in Japanese at her college. So Natalie can speak FOUR languages: Cantonese, Mandoline, English, and Japanease!

Anyway, I welcomed her to our club, and I believed all of them, including Natalie, had a wonderful time on that day. At the end of the club, I shared with them the gospel story from John 5:6: “Do you want to be healed?” Jesus asked a man lying for 38 years this question in the passage. So, I asked them if there was something that they wanted to be healed of. I believe that all of them must have something that they want to be healed by Jesus. Maybe, human relationships with their friends or their parents. Perhaps, mental illness. Maybe, there is something big scar in their heart that they want to be healed.

I told them that Only Jesus could heal their soul by bringing them back to God through his death at the cross. I said that they would be found as God’s children by God through the gospel of Jesus.

Please continue to pray for these four young adults (Amami, Ruka, Yuriho, and Natalie) and their salvation.


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