AIive International Outdoor Service!

We were SO glad to gather together as the whole Alive International at the chapel ground!

This was the second time for us to gather as the whole congregation since Covid hit. We can usually gather up to 40-50 people in the chapel due to the restriction rule to the Covid. This time, around 60-70 people came and joined the service! Plus, approximately 10 to 15 people joined us via Zoom.

Through the outdoor service, I was reminded of two important things: 1) The in-person corporate service as the whole congregation is vital to growing as a church. Since Covid hit, we knew we could join any services in the world online. Of course, technology is a gift from God. However, we still need the actual true corporate worship as God’s people, not virtual service. 2) For evangelism, we need to gather. We are called to build a friendship with our neighbors who do not know Jesus. And then we can invite them to our corporate worship so that they can experience God’s glory through the service

I regularly would love to have the outdoor service!


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