We were so grateful to gather together as a team on Thanksgiving this year!

We could not gather at this level due to COVID 19 for many months; however, we finally made it on November 23! Each member brought their family, and we enjoyed our fellowship. We were thankful for many things. We were grateful for being together as a team working here in Japan for God’s glory. We were grateful for each family of our team. We were thankful for our children together with us. We were grateful for our diverse ministries (Covenant Community School International, Open House English Ministries, and International Church Planting Ministries). We were thankful for working together as a multicultural team. We were grateful for our supporters in North America who faithfully pray for us. And we were grateful for the Good News of Jesus Christ, which makes us children of God and workers for the Gospel here in Japan. Please continue to pray for my team, the MTW Japan Chiba AO Team!



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