Author: Eric Panich

After one and a half months pause due to Coronavirus crisis, my English Conversation Club for my neighbors finally resumed by way of ZOOM last week Saturday! I am thankful for this technology God has given to me. But a sad thing was that some of the members could not join me. While four members […]
Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, I have not been able to meet my AI (Alive international) brothers in person at a local restaurant for our small group. We usually met there every Thursday morning before the pandemic. However, God has given us a new tool that enable us to meet. It is through ZOOM, an online conferencing […]
To slow down the spread of Coronavirus, our Alive International began to use online Sunday Service for those who could not come to the chapel. For the AI service of March 15th, I guided the service as the worship leader used in Japanese and the preacher used in English. Because of the threat of the virus, half of our congregation […]
Thank you so much for helping us, Sam! Sam from Sendai, Japan, is staying with us at our house for several days to see our school, Covenant Community School International, and Alive International congregation that I serve for. Kids who joined our Thursday English Conversation club two days ago were VERY surprised at Sam when […]
YUJI ECC Special version today. Tore & Rachelle (and their son Markus) from Norway joined my club and therefore we had a English tea party. Rachelle grew up at EFree Lethbridge, my sending church, and her parents are a friend of mine. They have been in Japan for 6 months with YWAM, so I got […]
I had my international fellowship club at a Hawaiian pancake restaurant in the shopping mall on last Sunday, 4 days ago. Then, a man who is from the UK joined us for the first time! I met him a month ago at an international grocery store near my house. When I saw him who seemed an […]
I believe that everyone who joined the potluck had a great opportunity! On this Sunday, we had an international potluck (Hospitality Dinner) at my house for Alive International congregation.  About 20 people joined it. We were blessed to be there together. This potluck reminded me of “International Potluck” at the chapel of EFree Lethbridge, which […]
Thank you so much, Brian! We are thankful for Brian and “his 3-minute-video” about Canada, Alberta, and Lethbridge. We had five children watch Brian’s video through my laptop. I translated. While the children were watching the video, they said, “Yuji, Brian is a friend of yours?” “Really???”….They seemed to think of Brian as a “TV […]
Yesterday, Four elementary school kids in our neighborhood joined our WECC at my house!   Eri, Mizuki, and I just began to have “World English Conversation Club for kids” (WECC) in our neighborhood yesterday. God sent four children to our house. They knew WECC through the tract Eri made. This is a new ministry through my house, […]
Our Christian International School, Covenant Community School International, had Sports Day last week Saturday. God gave us a beautiful sunny day. Our 50 students from Grade 1-12 gathered together to have a wonderful time! This time, Eri was in charge of it as the leader and I helped her out as her English translator. Every time I see some events or gatherings […]