Author: Eric Panich

I, Yuji, preach in English for Alive International once a month. On Nov.8, this time, I did from Luke 15:11-24. Yumiko S. translated my sermon into Japanese. Everybody knows that this scripture passage is about the parable of the Prodigal Son. But I again realized that this parable is not about the son who squandered […]
“JEF United Chiba finally won!” said a supporter of the team sitting in front of me. Tonight, I watch a professional soccer game with Tom, my friend, and my MTW Japan Chiba teammate. In the City of Chiba, my city, there is a professional soccer team called JEF United Chiba. This team is in the […]
We had a monthly team meeting the other day over Zoom. This current Chiba Team is going to phase out at the end of December. It has been about 30 years since the team began to work for God’s kingdom in Japan. This team under Dan Iverson’s leadership produced many things: churches, Covenant community school […]
I made a new signboard and placed it on the fence of my house. It says, “ONLINE 300 Yen English Conversation Club.” Since COVID-19 hit, I have lost 4 regular attendees for my ECC. They were not willing to join my ECC ONLINE, i.e. over Zoom. I totally understand that. Some people are fine with […]
Our CCSI community had a WONDERFUL graduation on July 12! We celebrated four graduates finishing their study here at CCSI. Our son, Shintaro, also graduated with three other students! Although only the graduates, their family, and the teachers could be present at CCSI chapel -Due to the COVID-19 situation, people were not allowed to come- […]
Yuji worked as the worship leader in Japanese and also as the preacher in English during the AI Sunday service on May 17! You will see the beauty of an bilingual service through the video below!
Our Alive International Sunday-gathering services were resumed from Today! We of course still needed to wear masks, use sanitizers on our hands, and do social distancing, but anyways we could gather together to worship our God! It had been about thee months since we stopped gathering at the chapel. Today, about 55 people joined the […]
COVID-19 brought a lot of losses to our Alive International congregation, but it also brought us some blessings by God’s grace. One of the blessings for AI was the start of small groups over Zoom. Before the COVID-19 hit us, we had only a couple of small groups in AI; however, we now have “10” […]
What a zoom meeting I had today! Over 40 people participated in our MTW Japan Chiba Team live field report meeting over Zoom today! Some from UAS, some from Japan, and most of the attendees were from Lethbridge, AB, Canada, my family’s second home country. It was a wonderful moment to me to see our […]
Our Christian International school, Covenant Community School International, has decided to resume by way of online Zoom from this month. So, Eri just began to teach her CCSI students from Home and our three children also take online classes at home. You can see Eri’s classroom and her office at our house. She decorated her […]