Author: Yuji

We all were blessed to have Easter Service at the chapel, Easter Egg Hunting, and BBQ outside. Over 110 people joined, including ten to twenty newcomers and our non-believing neighbors. The average number of regular attendees is 60-70 people every Sunday, so the number on this day was incredible! I desire that our non-believing newcomers […]
I have been praying for our international church planting with my team for over one year. I continue to talk about it with the team. We have three candidate places: Soga in Chiba City, Kisarazu City, and Narita City. All these three cities are located in Chiba Prefecture. The other day in April, Eri and […]
We, AO Team, revisited Kisarazu in Chiba today to consider this place as our future church planting place. Last time, only Tom, Anthony, and I visited Kisarazu and met Ben, a Hong Konese businessman who has a passion for using his building in Kisarazu for missions. Today, not only three of us but Kyle, Karen, […]
We were so grateful to gather together as a team on Thanksgiving this year! We could not gather at this level due to COVID 19 for many months; however, we finally made it on November 23! Each member brought their family, and we enjoyed our fellowship. We were thankful for many things. We were grateful […]
We were SO glad to gather together as the whole Alive International at the chapel ground! This was the second time for us to gather as the whole congregation since Covid hit. We can usually gather up to 40-50 people in the chapel due to the restriction rule to the Covid. This time, around 60-70 […]
It has been three months since this new club for young adults began. Natalie, an international student here in Japan from Hong Kong, joined Yuji’s ECC on 10/17 for the first time. She is a seeker and sometimes joins our Alive International services. She is so unique in many ways. She was born in Hong […]
Please pray for our international church planting as Alive International’s daughter church in Soga in the City of Chiba! I visit there once a week to walk prayerfully, speak to local people, and distribute my English Conversation Club. I desire that I hope we, as Alive International, can create a couple of small communities, including […]
I am honored to work with these two godly men for Alive International. Tom, next to me, is an MTW missionary from America and a pastor for AI. Tetsuya is one of the pastors of Oyumino Christ Church and a pastor for AI. We regularly meet every week at a cafe near our chapel to […]