Thank you so much, Brian! We are thankful for Brian and “his 3-minute-video” about Canada, Alberta, and Lethbridge. We had five children watch Brian’s video through my laptop. I translated. While the children were watching the video, they said, “Yuji, Brian is a friend of yours?” “Really???”….They seemed to think of Brian as a “TV […]
Yesterday, Four elementary school kids in our neighborhood joined our WECC at my house!   Eri, Mizuki, and I just began to have “World English Conversation Club for kids” (WECC) in our neighborhood yesterday. God sent four children to our house. They knew WECC through the tract Eri made. This is a new ministry through my house, […]
Our Christian International School, Covenant Community School International, had Sports Day last week Saturday. God gave us a beautiful sunny day. Our 50 students from Grade 1-12 gathered together to have a wonderful time! This time, Eri was in charge of it as the leader and I helped her out as her English translator. Every time I see some events or gatherings […]
We, Alive International congregation, had a wonderful retreat last Saturday and Sunday! This time, I preached in Japanese and my translator translated from Japanese to English for the congregation. Can you find my family members in these pictures?
What an exciting first day for our new ministry at a big shopping mall called Unimo! This Sunday morning, Eri and I went to Unimo located near our house for our new ministry. We found a good Hawaiian café as our ministry place. Then we prayed together and talked about our new ministry “in English.” We “intentionally” […]
This present was a surprise to me. The other day, Naomi, one of my neighbors who attends my English Conversation Club at my house, gave me a present. It was a Bookmark. She said that she just wanted to show me how thankful she was to join the club through the bookmark. I was surprised at the present… Naomi is now […]
What a wonderful opportunity for our international! My friend, Fred, gave his testimony to the kids yesterday during morning devotion time. I translated. He talked about his immigration experience from Vietnam to Canada and how he met Christ! It was a wonderful testimony! Thank you, Fred!!!
Thank the Trinh Family, who joined English Tea Party at my house yesterday! Seems to me, every one of my students and my neighbors were quite happy to meet Fred & Rebecca and their five kids, who just flew to Japan! Fred and Rebecca geve their testimony to the attendees. Praise God!
Our tiny Christian international school, Covenant Community School International (CCSI) run by my team, celebrated seven students as our graduates two days ago. It was quite wonderful ceremony for everybody there. One of the reasons why it was wonderful was their uniqueness in many ways: each one of graduates had a different nationality from each other: […]
Yesterday, I had my English classes at a community center. 5 students were attending. After one-hour English conversation time, I gave 10-minutes bible message to them. I picked 1 Corinthians 13:8: “Love never ends. As for prophecies, they will pass away. As for tongues, they will cease. As for knowledge, it will pass away.” Only God’s […]